We’ve launched this section to cook and feature YOUR recipes. You’ve seen our Cook with Grace section; now your recipe may be the next we cook!

Believe it or not, this is actually a pretty detailed process. Like you, we need to go shop for the ingredients and prep, but we actually need to find the right time of day to do it, provide the correct lighting and then set up for a food photography session. Of course, finding people to come over and eat it has never been a big problem.

But there are other questions: How much of the process should we show? How difficult is it? What garnish looks best with it? Can we make it more efficient for our readers by tweaking it?

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So now, share those recipes with us so we can create a stunning San Francisco Food Feature for you. Submit by inputting all of the information below.

Please ensure it’s a correct and valid email address, as if your recipe is chosen, we may have some questions.

Also, how else would we let you know that you’ve been featured?

Submitting a recipe grants us the permission to use said recipe to feature on a post. All credit for the recipe will be given to you, and the recipe itself will be posted on the blogroll on SF Food, with a link back to your website, if included.

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