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UPDATE: Heads up, WordPress Subscribers!

So we’ve moved the majority of our subscribers over to a new email system with our recent website relaunch. For any of you who submitted actual email addresses or subscribed in the last six weeks, you’re golden and no additional action is required. But for a handful of you, we have account subscriptions which we had enabled on our previous platform. We were unable to… Read more →

Riverside Seafood Restaurant Pork Belly

Riverside Seafood Restaurant in the Sunset District

  Social media being what it is — a lot of the restaurants I end up visiting are because some friend out there posted something wonderful to their profile. In this case, Riverside Seafood Restaurant came onto my radar because fellow food aficionado and comrade Sir Albert Cheng posted one exquisite, drool-inducing shot of pork belly and it popped up… Read more →

Great China Restaurant Double Skin Yang Jang Pi

The Mighty Great China Restaurant in Berkeley

The All-New Great China Restaurant One of the things I enjoy most these days are the occasional dinners where many close friends get together. Amidst busy lives and commitments, after spending our twenties and much of our thirties together inseparably many days per week, it’s becoming harder and harder to gather as a large group for dinner. So when we do, that… Read more →

Myung Dong Tofu Cabin

Korean Cold Noodles (Naengmyun) at Myung Dong Tofu Cabin

Let me explain something about the San Francisco Bay Area. Ironically, the further south, north or east of San Francisco you go, the less this actually applies because unlike the city, the weather will get pretty consistently hot there, hitting 90 easily on summer days. So they, unlike us, have something called air conditioning. Anyone I know who pays approximately… Read more →