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the french laundry closing temporarily

The French Laundry…..Closing Temporarily? Or Not…

If you had planned on visiting The French Laundry later this year, you’ll have to plan carefully. While their 20th anniversary is in July, it’s been announced that the restaurant will be remodeling and renovating “sometime”, although the exact dates are unknown as of yet. According to Inside Scoop, the official statement was as follows:… 

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Coming Soon: Product Reviews!

We’re bringing product reviews to San Francisco Food! With so many of our posts, we receive questions in regards to what type of equipment we used, or what we consider to be the best kitchen knives. So, it seemed only natural we launch this section. Stay tuned! These posts are coming soon!     -Grace.

Homemade Chili

Comfort Food: Homemade Chili Recipe

When you want both hearty and comforting, there are very few things that can beat a hot bowl of chili. Folks have been asking how I make chili, so here’s a post dedicated to just that. Make sure you have friends over to share in the goodness! Continue reading