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Grace on KGO Show “Cook with Ryan” with Chef Ryan Scott

Tomorrow, I’ll be on the “Cooking with Ryan” show with the always entertaining and energetic Chef Ryan Scott.    With a huge following from his appearance on Top Chef where he represented the San Francisco area, Chef Ryan Scott is busy from coast-to-coast these days, between shows in California and his appearances on the TODAY show and Rachael Ray Show, and hosting FOOD RUSH on the… Read more →


Hype or Substance: Akiko’s Restaurant in San Francisco

  Until recently, my only experience at this restaurant was a couple of years ago when my girlfriend and I, after many (many!!) single malt scotches, strolled in to Akiko’s Restaurant to meet up with two other friends. I barely remember the meal, thanks to the scotch, except that it cost $250 per person. (Children: do as I say, not as… Read more →

Aged beef with shitake mushrooms and fermented turnip

Three Michelin Stars: The Restaurant at Meadowood

    There are two. Only two. In all of California, there are only two restaurants with the coveted three stars that Michelin doles out each year. You’ve got your two star restaurants like Benu and Saison, and then you’ve got many 1-star restaurants in a city like San Francisco, including Acquerello, Spruce, Gary Danko and La Folie — all restaurants… Read more →

the french laundry closing temporarily

The French Laundry…..Closing Temporarily? Or Not…

If you had planned on visiting The French Laundry later this year, you’ll have to plan carefully. While their 20th anniversary is in July, it’s been announced that the restaurant will be remodeling and renovating “sometime”, although the exact dates are unknown as of yet. According to Inside Scoop, the official statement was as follows:  “Until our plans are completed… Read more →