yank sing

Still the King of Dim Sum: Yank Sing

Priced high, and fancier than most dim sum restaurants are (or perhaps, should be), Yank Sing offers consistently good to excellent dim sum fare. One thing that cannot be missed while here is the incredibly delicious Shanghai Dumplings; this is the reason I can’t stop going! Continue reading

stone korean kitchen

Pssh — Weak Sauce: Stone Korean Kitchen

Another Korean restaurant that fits right into the "not so much" category of Korean restaurants in San Francisco. They attempt a unique Korean fusion spin to their menu, but sadly -- the few things I've tried fall short of "good".

Epitome of Fine Dining: Acquerello

Acquerello is perhaps San Francisco’s best restaurant for a private and intimate date. Offering astoundingly delicious food from Tuesday to Saturday, reservations are required. While Italian in name and wine list, the food delves into regions all over the world while maintaining an Italian flair, with only two pasta dishes on the menu at best. Do not miss out on ordering the foie gras pasta!
natto spaghetti

Italy’s Staple Meets Japan’s Sweetheart: Natto Spaghetti

Natto is a fermented soybean of Japanese origin that is wildly popular in Japan and even Hawaii. While most call it an acquired taste, this is one of my favorites, and perfect with a hot bowl of rice. But what was it like combined with pasta? I decided to find out and was truly surprised at how nicely pasta and natto combined together!
japan earthquake

HELP: The Japan Earthquake

An enormous 9.0 earthquake followed by a disastrous tsunami, Japan is in dire need of help. Let's do what we Americans do best and help. Japan needs help NOW. Please donate to make a difference, and help the great country rebuild.
okina sushi

Sushi and Only Sushi: Okina Sushi

Okina is a small Japanese restaurant that is simple to miss from the outside. Opened only from Thursday to Sunday, the restaurant is a two-person joint offering fresh fish, albeit a small selection. There is nothing on the menu that offers cooking and you come only to eat sushi or sashimi. Strange restaurant, but--did I like it?
range san francisco

Fall from Grace: Range Restaurant

How one of my favorite restaurants plummets not just to the bottom of my list, but entirely OFF my list — I will never understand. Everything about this dining experience was sub-par and the only thing impressive about Valentine’s Day at Range was the mediocrity of it all. Continue reading